Monday, June 20, 2011

Alternative Neutrals

I studied color for an entire semester in school, I did everything from making color, learning the history of color, memorizing the color wheel with it's cools and warm tones and much more. I considered myself well-versed in color before taking this class but I have an enhanced skill set now and would love to share.

We all know of the basic neutrals; black, brown, navy, boring, boring and dreadful! Spice up your wardrobe a little with unexpected colors that work as neutrals. Olive green, tan and grey can be great alternative neutrals and they also make you look like you know a little suttin' suttin' about fashion. Olive green lieterally can be paired with every color under the rainbow, tan although neutral yes, I try to avoid dark colors with tan such as blacks, greys or blues just because it appears too harsh against the lighter tan, otherwise an easy alternative neutral. Grey is a neutral but tricky as there are so many different shades of grey some tones can give off a green/blue tint to them making it hard to match with ALL colors but grey is still a very easy neutral to wear.

So have some fun and be creative with a little more color in your wardrobes!

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