Wednesday, June 8, 2011

All Hail Alexander McQueen

As a true fashion addict and lover of all things beautiful, chills literally run up and down my spine whenever I look at the latest from Alexander McQueen. I can't be 100% affirmative in making Alexander McQueen my favorite label but it definitely ranks way up on my list of awe-inspiring. I believed after his tragic death no one would be able to pull of the genius he had, but I must say Sarah Burton is doing a phenomenal job!

Anywhoo, Ive completely derailed from the main task of showing off sharing my pictures from McQueen headquarters! I was given the greatest opportunity in being able to visit their headquarters in London. It was a dream come true, I witnessed first-hand couturiers sewing runway looks, got to try on the infamous Armadillo shoes (pictured above) and truly embraced the true fashion house experience.

Always JoJo

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