Monday, June 20, 2011

My Absolute Obsession!

Balenciaga Giant City Top-Handle...I DIE!!! 'Nuff Said.

As Promised...

Here I am in the outfit I posted for my friend's birthday, we had a great time but my outfit didn't look how I imagined it would. I didn't look horrid, but looking back on the picture I would of worn different shoes with the outfit. The hardest thing to do is explaining why an outfit doesn't work I just have "the eye" and I can tell when something's off. I still post it because
it's a fashion learning experience.

TOP & SKIRT: Forever 21

Alternative Neutrals

I studied color for an entire semester in school, I did everything from making color, learning the history of color, memorizing the color wheel with it's cools and warm tones and much more. I considered myself well-versed in color before taking this class but I have an enhanced skill set now and would love to share.

We all know of the basic neutrals; black, brown, navy, boring, boring and dreadful! Spice up your wardrobe a little with unexpected colors that work as neutrals. Olive green, tan and grey can be great alternative neutrals and they also make you look like you know a little suttin' suttin' about fashion. Olive green lieterally can be paired with every color under the rainbow, tan although neutral yes, I try to avoid dark colors with tan such as blacks, greys or blues just because it appears too harsh against the lighter tan, otherwise an easy alternative neutral. Grey is a neutral but tricky as there are so many different shades of grey some tones can give off a green/blue tint to them making it hard to match with ALL colors but grey is still a very easy neutral to wear.

So have some fun and be creative with a little more color in your wardrobes!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

All Hail Alexander McQueen

As a true fashion addict and lover of all things beautiful, chills literally run up and down my spine whenever I look at the latest from Alexander McQueen. I can't be 100% affirmative in making Alexander McQueen my favorite label but it definitely ranks way up on my list of awe-inspiring. I believed after his tragic death no one would be able to pull of the genius he had, but I must say Sarah Burton is doing a phenomenal job!

Anywhoo, Ive completely derailed from the main task of showing off sharing my pictures from McQueen headquarters! I was given the greatest opportunity in being able to visit their headquarters in London. It was a dream come true, I witnessed first-hand couturiers sewing runway looks, got to try on the infamous Armadillo shoes (pictured above) and truly embraced the true fashion house experience.

Always JoJo

Curl Plopping

I know the word is a bit odd, kind of sounds dirty too...'plopping,' but I've recently discovered this method of dealing with my super curly hair and I swear by it now! Watch the video and try it out. Thank me later.

Always JoJo

CFDAs Earn an A -

It has been a life-long dream for me to one day attend the CFDA's so while I await my invitation, take a look at some great pictures and synopsis on the CFDA's.

CFDAs Earn an A -

Always JoJo

A Royal Display for Duchess of Cambridge’s Wedding Dress -

Since we're on the topic of Alexander McQueen today....

A Royal Display for Duchess of Cambridge’s Wedding Dress -

Always JoJo

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bows, bows, bows!

I am your somewhat typical girly girl, I love pink, sparkles and above all else BOWS! I had to put together a last-minute outfit for a friends birthday and this is what I came up with from what I already had in my closet...not too bad I believe! 

The black and white horizontal tee with over-sized black satin bow on the shoulder (Forever 21) is just trendy enough for a night out, the high-waisted black pencil skirt (Forever 21) is comfy and figure flattering, shoes (Aldo) are a cute cut-out wedge which are practical but still very fashionable and of course, every true Jersey girl needs a little leopard in their lives, so I've used an ocelot print large wristlet (Coach) as a clutch and to add a pop of the unexpected to an overused color palette. 

I'll post myself in the outfit a little bit later! Also, forgive the low quality of the photograph I'm testing some things out still. 

Always JoJo

Join me....

I tried to think of something cute and clever as my first post, explaining who I am and what I'm about, as I look back now I was basing my entire post on the fact that I'm a "big" girl who loves fashion! Yes, I'm not your standard size 4 but I am just as fabulous and amazing. So join me for the most amazing fashion ride of your lives....btw hello I'm Joann, nice to meet you all.

Always JoJo